With its beautiful showroom filled with well-wishers, Onslow Bay Boatworks celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning. JOED Chairman Susan Edwards kicked off the event, welcoming the guests and describing the 5-year process to reach this day of celebration. She also noted that none of this would have happened had it not been for the vision of the Rollins family in developing Camp Davis Industrial Park 10 years ago. As we often say, “Economic Development is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Holly Ridge Mayor Jeff Wenzel described the town’s growth and how Onslow Bay Boatworks will play a large role in its future. Mayor Wenzel, who also has a business in Camp Davis Industrial Park, acknowledged the other resident businesses, neighbors to Onslow Bay Boatworks.

Onslow County Commissioner Royce Bennett noted that all business growth is beneficial to the entire county, as it is growing as well. New businesses create additional housing demands and add students to our schools. 

Onslow Bay Boatworks CEO and President Brad Knight discussed the value of small businesses to local, state, and national economies. He noted that all businesses in Onslow County ARE small businesses, and how important that is. He offered heartfelt appreciation for the support he has received in this process, naming his wife Briana as his biggest champion. He added the support of the Town of Holly Ridge and JOED, going on to describe this as a bittersweet moment; his beloved deceased father was not able to enjoy this with him. He gave special thanks to his business partner, Robby Brown, and their team of *craftsmen, all of whom are instrumental in the company’s success.

After a celebratory toast, guests were invited to join staff in touring the facility. Surely, viewing the boats launched many daydreams of ownership! JOED is grateful to have been part of this journey for the past five years and looks forward to being a lifetime partner with the company.

Congratulations, Onslow Bay Boatworks! We wish you great success!

*Onslow Bay Boatworks' craftsmen: Adonel Gonzalez-Bravo, Alex Albuquerque, Brent Readling, Brynnen Barrier, Candy Lanier, Carlos Elizondo, Chaz Wheeler, Cristina Mendoza, Daniel Vaughn, Eddie Gonzalez-Bravo, Eric Stevens, Garrett McCoy, Greg Baker, Jason Merritt, Jeff Atkinson, John King, Luis Talavera, Matter Avrette, Paule Greene, Riley Mishler, Trevor Pearson, Troy Weaver