Following Thursday’s JOED Executive Committee meeting, the Building Committee convened to review Project Frontier’s site boundaries, wetlands, and access to determine notional lot lines and spec building placement.

Back, L-R: Scott Riggs, Mark Sutherland, Anthony Prinz, Royce Bennett
Front, L-R: Matt Ray, Susan Edwards, Roy Herrick, Bob Warden

The preliminary design, by Tidewater Associates, includes two stormwater ponds that will allow lots to be developed 80% impervious. By using scaled building templates, the Committee identified the placement for the first 100,000 SF spec building site. It is expected that Project Frontier sites will ultimately accommodate a variety of building sizes that will house up to 500,000 SF of industrial space. The recommendations of the Committee will be provided to the City.

Anthony Prinz updated the group on next steps: requisite environmental studies and permitting protocols. He is optimistic that construction can begin by early next year.